Saturday, July 09, 2011

Hypocrisy Kills the Society !

Blowing one’s own trumpet was never being part of my armoury and strongly believes and advocates that vital space and time should not be used to for that purpose and to get one’s own ego fatten more.

Sure prescription for creating a useful society is every individual to follow “Preach only what you are ready to follow and earnestly follow what is being preached” policy.

Hypocrisy kills the society.

Sri Lankan Cricket !

Interesting link and read the viewers postings (especially KingSasanka's) below;

Friday, July 08, 2011

Hang the Messenger and Free the Offenders!

The minister was quick to respond to Sangakkar’s speech and I believe he has all the right to do so.

If Sangakkar is guilty of violating the code of conduct then he should be dealt with appropriate punishments too if found guilty after an impartial and transparent inquiry. 

At the same time minister is obligatory to look in to the allegation made by Sangakkar with the same speed and determination and act on them.

If the former is executed and the latter was swept under the carpet then it is time  to show him the way to the exit too. 

Even the Badminton Association of Sri Lanka is plagued with similar issues today, pointed out by Sangakkar and conspicuous absences of any action to correct the situation by the minister reaffirm my belief that he is not interested. 

My believe is that the Messenger will be hanged and the offenders will be allowed to plunder more. 

As for the issue of importing substandard Petrol and the secretary of the Ministry of Petroleum industries have gone missing and the minister is playing “Baba” parts show the true capabilities of the present administration. 

Once we lost one billion US Dollars in a similar scandal and the culprits are still roaming enjoying the ill-gotten money, while we are paying through our noses.

Finally the Prime Minister’s admission in the Parliament that there are drug mafia politicos among them in the parliament sums up the present state of affairs in the “Fools’ Paradise”.

Jaya Wewa !