Sunday, December 02, 2012

Can Such People be Trusted to Represent US ?

Why the man who had been talking about the Westminster protocols, transparencies, good governance etc etc in the public for so many decades has failed to put them in to practice hitherto ?

“ කැමති අය දැන් හිට ගන්න අකමැති අය බිම වාඩි වෙන්න ". That was all people heard from him yesterday

This is no way of conducting a Poll and how they have counted 4000 plus votes yesterday is still a mystery to me. 

Can such people be trusted to represent us ?

Monday, June 18, 2012

Thank You තාත්තේ !

Text message received from my daughter on the recent Fathers Day Celebrations made me rethink of my father.

How do I start was the main question.

He was a man of a few words.

I resembled most of his physical appearance than my other siblings but this quality of a few words, I was not blessed with.

My younger brother has received it from him and the God has very mysterious ways of working and assembling things.

He showed us the world literally by taking us to various places but his world was just confined within our shores only.

By introducing and encouraging us to read, he managed to take us far beyond his physically confined shores.

Every week he used to bring at least two books from the Library and we were on them like the vultures on a carcass.

He wanted us to think freely and never to be afraid of asking questions.

Though he was a man of few words, where his political alliance lies was no secret with Das Capital on the Book shelf.

With a rear show of emotions, he clinched his fist and held up in solidarity when the Nine o’clock News announced the departure of the last American helicopter from Vietnam.

We were having dinner in Badulla that day.

His other message though conveyed in a very subtle way but not in words was “Never come home by get beaten up”.

He was a southerner and his words and deeds truly reflected the enterprising southerners’ spirit always.

His two messages “Think Freely” & “Never come home by get Beaten up” came in really handy in our later lives but I do not think that none of us got around telling him that how much we were benefitted from those two messages. 

At least now we have such celebrations like “Fathers’ Day”, which we have never heard of when we were growing up, gives me an opportunity to at least say “Thank You තාත්තේ ! “ though it is a bit late now.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Men Who Care.

This was my response to the below stated Bolg;

I enjoy reading and agree on most stated points.

But if the trend had to be reversed and or to bring down to a very low level, then WOMEN has a very bigger role to play.

Not as you say, conservatively dressing up, as such standards have No University acceptable standards, hence any one can interpret it to his or her own convictions and believes.

I believe dress should act like a barbed-wire fence.

It should be there to do the work it is there to do for but not obstructing the view.

Now let me come to the point, how do Women have a big role to play in this situation.

Mothers take pride in appreciating when her son does something uncalled for or bad protecting him by saying “Boys are Boys” and or “He is my Boy” and worst of all is calling him “Chip of the old bloke”.

How many mothers send their Boy child to kitchen to learn how to pour a cup of Tea or cook a simple meal, darn a torn trouser or a fallen button.

Instead they do it for them and set a very bad precedent and set him mind up that some works are gender based and male are superior.

If mothers can change their mind sets, soon the world will be a much better place.  

Sunday, April 29, 2012

One For All and All For One.

After watching how kids and adults use shopping carts at Malls, I wrote a poem and published.

A friend responded that many even ended up in rivers which was something I have not seen here, may be because of no rivers here or the flowing water streams are far far away from any big Malls.

That reminds me of an incident in which, a group of friend in an inebriated state threw a couple of metal camping chairs in to a lake, without even thinking of the consequences.

We were invited to a dinner party at a famous rowing club and after a couple of drinks everyone started boasting and the gang that I was leading was threatened to show that we were capable of doing what we had been telling them.

Immediately I took one of the chairs and hurled it in to the water. I turned back with an inflated ego and chest to face the opposing gang and then I heard the familiar and distinctive sound of metal chair hitting water and sinking. Then I saw my good friend was calmly wiping his palms and turning as if nothing happened.

That day we established the hierarchy of the pecking order well and it is still maintained the same even after three decades.

After the party one of the organizers confident to me that he could understand crockery and cutlery going missing after such a party as some take them as souvenirs but not metal camping chairs.

I was not sure whether he has seen what really happened that night and or to deploy a diver to recover it from the lake.

I am sure they must have rusted away by now in their final resting place at the bottom of the lake.

One For All & All For One.

Musketeers Forever.

My Recent Surprised Birthday Party

Our house is in a Cul-de-sac.

Every time when hearing a vehicle approaching my wife used to run outside as she was expecting someone or something.

Finally she said the neighbours are having a party and they have ordered some chairs and have asked her to receive them as they were going out for some other work.

The neighbour’s house is not well secured, hence I asked her to get them unloaded in our compound or otherwise she has to take the responsibility if any goes missing.

She gladly accepted and got them stacked up in our compound when the delivery van finally pull-up.

This was on my birthday.

Someone sent me a text message wishing me on my birthday. Instead of replying back with a text, I called him up to say thank you for remembering me.

He said he and his wife would be visiting some of their friends staying closer to our place and would try to drop in if time permits them to do so.

I was not having much hope of them visiting me as he was less mobile after a spinal operation.

Phone rang a couple of more times and a few more text messages followed during the morning.

Again in the evening my friend who wished me first called me up to ask directions to our house.

I warned my wife of their arrival and went out to meet them at the tricky place where many take a wrong turn and ended up in a place where there is not much space even to turn a vehicle around.

They were met and escorted home and the gift was accepted with a sad heart knowing that such an expense too even would be an extra burden to them but glad that they finally visited us on their own.

The usual welcome followed by customary tea and then I invited them to stay back for dinner with us and go.

Knowing my wife hates cooking, I was making plans in my mind to visit the closest take-away joint and then how I would drive them back home after the food.

My wife immediately responded with “Oh Yes, nothing special but let us have whatever we have already prepared”.

I was glad that she relieved me of one of my worries as I hate to go out once I am at home. Further to drive even a couple of kilometres even. Driving is no longer a pleasure for me.

Before their arrival, we were planning to visit our neighbour, friend and Best man of our wedding for a brief chat and come home for early diner

He and I were sitting next to each other for four hour on a flight the previous day.

Awhile later a motorcyclist pulled up in front of our house but I did not recognize him because he was in a Full-face helmet. When he called my name out, immediately recognized him and invited him in too.

He said he was visiting someone and thought of paying me also a visit. That was his visit to our house despite two of were working together for almost a decade in the same field and have visited his house a many a times.

I was curious to know how he got the directions right and then he told me another former colleague of mine had given him the direction.

It was dark and then my brother and his family arrived. They too settled in and still I was oblivious of anything but concerned that I cannot allow them all to go back empty stomach and also knowing how my wife hates cooking.

The Red Balloons the take away joint was keeps popping out in my mind. I though let me make a move now before it is late and waiting for my wife to give me some numbers as I am not good with planning foods.

Suddenly, I heard a commotion but familiar voices outside our house gate singing “Happy Birthday to You”.

The gate was opened again and they too were escorted in and the chairs the neighbours ordered too came in handy to settle the crowd in.

Now it was a crowd.

They were my former colleagues and as usual, the girls were hungry and want food immediately.

I pretended that everything was alright but doing some quick calculations when the boys started arriving with the same song and little liquor smell in their breath.

The Birthday cake and food followed and my niece started playing the piano when I finally cut the cake realizing that this was my Surprised Birthday party.

It was a great success and a surprise to me.

And after that I am happy knowing that how free I am because I suspect nothing even when the obvious signs are there right in front of your own eye.

That makes me a very happy and free man.

Following day, three of us (me, wife and daughter) flew away to Singapore to have a holiday which was overdue.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Loudest Voice Is Not The Voice To Be Always Listening To.

There are two kinds of Patriots in Sri Lanka.

One is the silent kind who really understands the real meaning of patriotism and does everything that is possible in their own small ways to ensure that no harm is done to their beloved country. 

The other kind is the most vocal and most loud kind. 

They show their patriotism only in public but do nothing to keep their country away from harm’s way.
The loud and vocal kind is seasonal like mushrooms. 

They appear like mushrooms after a rain, when something perceived to be harmful to the country only. 

Let me explain this a little more.
Take the recent Geneva meet and the subsequent voting. 

The social networks and blogs were awash with them publicly bullshitting patriotism. 

The vote is over now and none of them are anywhere to be seen again until the next rain. 

The reputation, integrity etc of any country can be harmed in two ways. 

First is an external threat and the second is an internal threat.
External threats can be negated with diplomacy and even with war but the internal one is not. 

It is like a cancer within and even an amputation too sometimes would not bring the desired effects. 

These Patriot Bull-shitters are happy to tolerate the rampant corruption within the country which is throttling any likely positive development in any foreseeable future but are happy to maintain their silence. 

Maintaining silence is endorsing corruptions is my view. 

Instead of bull-shitting in public when an external threat is likely to come, they should put their loud voices to talk about the internal threats too.
Stop bull-shitting in public and please do your bits to save the country. 

Do not expect some outsider to come and clean the mess that we created ourselves up. 

Loudest voice is not the voice to be always listening to.

Sunday, February 26, 2012


  1. මොකද මේ අපේ චන්ඩි බයවෙලා අද ?
  2. Isn’t it a disgrace when those who flaunt their academic achievements on the back of their vehicles could not maintain lanes on public roads? What qualifications Three Wheelers have but they are much civilized,
  3. If a man driving his kids to දහම් පාසල් has no respect for the pedestrians on Zebra crossing, what an example (දහම්) he is giving his kids?
  4. Feel like throwing up, whenever listen to FM channels here. Sinhala DJs’ cannot speak properly in Sinhala & English DJs’ are no better either,
  5. In a place where the productivity is extremely low, has anyone thought what impact it would have when a Cricket match is being shown live?
  6. Children shouldn't have any say in the issue of setting up Private Universities. They’ll get it when started contributing positively (+) to the society. 

Saturday, January 14, 2012