Sunday, February 26, 2012


  1. මොකද මේ අපේ චන්ඩි බයවෙලා අද ?
  2. Isn’t it a disgrace when those who flaunt their academic achievements on the back of their vehicles could not maintain lanes on public roads? What qualifications Three Wheelers have but they are much civilized,
  3. If a man driving his kids to දහම් පාසල් has no respect for the pedestrians on Zebra crossing, what an example (දහම්) he is giving his kids?
  4. Feel like throwing up, whenever listen to FM channels here. Sinhala DJs’ cannot speak properly in Sinhala & English DJs’ are no better either,
  5. In a place where the productivity is extremely low, has anyone thought what impact it would have when a Cricket match is being shown live?
  6. Children shouldn't have any say in the issue of setting up Private Universities. They’ll get it when started contributing positively (+) to the society.