Thursday, April 24, 2014

Should Buddhists be Alarmed ?

Like everyone else, authorities too sometimes take decisions, not basing their mind but heart.

The important thing to look for on such occasions is to look for the intention behind such decision and if the intention is right, then no one should be blamed unfairly.

Recent deportation of a British woman from Sri Lanka, simply because she had a Buddha Tattooed on her arm is getting so much attention especially in the social media sites.

Most posters, post things in some way related to this incident without expressing their true intention of posting such postings or expressing their true stand on this issue.

If you ask me what my position on the deportation of that woman, I say it was a foolish decision.

Some years back, a pop singer was denied entry because the local authorities feared his behaviour towards the most revered figure of more than 70 % of the people in the land amounting to nothing but disrespectful and allowing such a figure into the land could create chaos.

In democracies, the popular sentiment has a bigger say, but not necessarily it will be right.

When Glenn Hoddle made a remark linking past Karma to those who are suffering from challenging deformities, he was forced out of his position by the mass outcry.

Where was the Freedom of speech and or the non religious discrimination then, people are so fond of talking in some parts of the world?

If you are a true believer of Buddha’s doctrine, then one should not be alarmed on such things as nothing is permanent and all come, stay a little and then disappear.

Although it is numbered over 70 %, most are just affectionate believers than those who have really understood the doctrine.

Therefore, anticipating likely backlash cannot be avoided and the authorities reacting before such a thing is intentional-wise a good decision.

The true meaning of Buddha is the “Enlightened One” and not necessarily has to be associated with the Buddhism only.

But Buddhists too have a reason to be concerned because it is always that their most revered figure is being used to decorate Bars, slippers, underwear etc but not any other religious figure or icon and all those disrespectful gestures and creations are coming from one quarter only.

What are their intentions, one could not help asking and naturally Buddhists too have to be alarmed and be on guard as well.

King Sasanka.

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

What are we really Celebrating now ?

What are we celebrating?
Can someone tell me please?
Per Capita income is less than US $ 2000
Not even 3% of the GDP is invested in
Neither Education nor health
Spend more than SLR 100 Million a day
Just to glorify one person only
Corruption is endemic
And we are at the bottom end of the list
With Sudan and Afghanistan etc
Winning T20 is not worth celebrating
I will join the crowds on the streets
Only when we beat Sweden and Singapore
In the list of corrupt nations or
Invest at least 6% of the GDP in education and health
Limit spending to glorify one person
And uplift the Per Capita Income
At least to US $ 5000
Those are worth Celebrating and not just a T20 win
And who will remember it in few weeks time
What are we celebrating?
Can someone tell me please?
(My political ranting).