Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Present Power Crisis in Sri Lanka

Those who are responsible for creating the present power crisis in Sri Lanka is deadlier than the LTTE TIGERS who attacked the economically important targets in Sri Lanka once.

Sending troops to guard the installations and facilities is just a cosmetic gesture only to boost the confidence of the general public.

If someone is determined, he or she can do more harm even while the troops watch over the facilities with guns in their hands but not knowing exactly what is going on there inside.

Army Engineering guys should be sent in now, at least they have the technical knowledge to see, if and when something is amiss.

But, how to deal with the saboteurs with best and quick result oriented way is the important question.

How did we treat the LTTE TIGERS and the same way those who were responsible should be treated, if we are to see a better life tomorrow.

The government should put more resources and time to investigate this incident and bring people who are alleged to have been responsible for it.

Treat them firmly, including their behind the curtain backers too.

Throw them all behind bars and throw the key away for them to rot in that rotten place forever.

That way, it will send a strong message to everyone and those who are thinking of such acts in future will be stopped in their strides.

Treat them the same way we treated the LTTE TIGERS.

Wipe them out without mercy.

Sri Lanka would be a better place without such people.

Over to you President, if you are listening.