Tuesday, July 26, 2016

What a World we are living in today?

The man who took a banned terrorist organisation's flag to a highly venerated religious place in another part of the world yesterday is now claiming that he would not allow outsider to create religious disharmony in the country.

Those who have helped terrorists and their supporters to slip through the border posts and claim political asylums in another country by taking brides have now become patriots and pledging to protect the country by all means.

Man who has done so much to the Sri Lankan Cricket is now being branded a traitor by some who have not done anything to uplift the game in anyway, because he has agreed teach a few foreign guys a few tricks with the Cherry.

Men who sold the country’s World Cup dream for money and favours are being branded as Heroes; where the whistle-blower is being branded a traitor because he refused to play a few matches for the country due to a well know injury.

Those who have looted billions of wealth from the country are being treated as heroes and another who stole something worth 100 rupees is beaten Black and Blue in public.

People who cry a lot about the agony of elephants here are conveniently forgetting the agonies of other animals that they devour as their comfort food and some others being kept as slaves, but calling them PETs.

The list is long and goes on ...........

Monday, July 18, 2016

ආච්චිගේ මළ ගෙදරදාවගේ !

අපි ඉස්කෝලේ යනකාලේ අපිට කිව්වේ, " ආච්චිගේ මළ ගෙදරදාවගේ " කියන්නේ පොඩි ලමයින්ට ඉතා සන්තෝස දවසක් කියලා.

දැන් බලාගෙන ගියාම මේක වැරදිනේ.

ආච්චි දැන් හිටියනම් අපිටත් ඔය කොහෙන් කොහෙන් හරි ඉඩම් ටිකක් අරන් දාන්න තිබුනා.

වෙලාවට උන්දැ මලානේ ඔක්කොටම කලින්.