Saturday, September 03, 2016

Safety First - Whom Are You Fooling ?

After years of neglect, it is a welcoming sight to see the efforts are taken to relay the Katubedda – Piliyandala road.

Traffic has come to snail pace and lots of inconveniences to commuters and many have to re-adjust their schedules due to the unpredictable nature of the traffic density and the speed it flows during peaks.

One thing baffles me, every time when I travel on this stretch of road it this.

The work site has a big board proclaiming  “Safety is First”.

To go alone with the slogan perhaps, most of the workers who are involved in relaying the surface have been given a glow-vest and a hardhat.

But sadly, they all work either barefoot and or with an old pair of rubber slippers.

The workers would have been better off, if they have been given a pair of gloves, safety shoes and a proper face mask, instead of hardhats or glove vests.

Many Overseers and even Engineers there are playing Blind eye to this blatant violation.

Over to you, if any RDA guys are reading.