Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Beware ! Foot soldiers are in action !

I posted on my FB wall “ Beware ! Foot soldiers of the Looter gang are already in action everywhere ”.

Sudden interest of needing to change the present regime is taking momentum in every social media platforms.

Some hide behind saffron colour robes and some behind their Professional Titles.

This is in no way in endorsing most of the actions hitherto taken by the present regime.

They miserably failed and the peoples trust was pawned for a few political mileages.

That is another subject.

The sudden interest of wanting to change the present regime was taken my interest too being a concerned citizen.

But the more I prod for answers, all what I had been getting were වැට උඩ answers than anything conclusive.

This baffles me and I did some of my own detective works quietly and then I realized that these calls for changes are not really coming from concerned citizens.

They are indeed being funded by the previous “ Looter Murder Gang “ from their plundered public money to create an atmosphere to enable them to crawl back into politics in big way again.

So, beware.

Calls will come in many different segments, in robes, from so-called professionals etc and in many different voices, but they all have one agenda and that is none other than to bring back the Looter Murder Gang to power again.

Do you want the Looter Murder Gang back in power again?

I leave that question for your good 
Conscience to answer.

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