Friday, January 27, 2017

Can Success be Replicated?

Often, we get to read biographies of many successful people all over the World.

Those stories sell and that is why publishers go looking for them.

But if taken percentage-wise, such successes are even less than 1%, compared to the world population.

Those who read such inspiring stories pick up a clue or two and try to apply in their own life but with very little success or none at all.

Can success be replicated?

Failures are galore and they can be seen everywhere.

Can failures be avoided?

But, if publishers are keen even finding stories which are of total failures, the trend of 1% versus 99% can be changed.

Because, some others have already made those mistakes in their own lives; so the rest do not have to, being well aware of the pitfalls on the way.

Although the odds are less on the side of being successful, the chance of success and or failure has the equal opportunity.