Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Humanity is Not Totally Lost Yet !

Every time when I start doubting of the quality of humanity and start believing that it was something that we have experienced and or heard in the past, something incredible happens to restore my confidence in humanity.

Humanity Not Lost

Humanity Not Lost 2

Humanity Not Lost 3

Recent deluge proved again that the humanity is still intact among us Sri Lankans but how to harness its collective power for the development of the country is something that we all have still failed to figure out.

Sooner we figure this out, both collectively and individually, we will be on our way to the next level.

Enough being " Keyboard Warriors " on Social Media sites.

Now it is time to Walk our Talks.

ලොවේ සැමා

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Thinking loud !

I wonder, the seasonal heavy rains experience in Sri Lanka is a divine endorsement of the යහපාළනය ?

" දේවෝ වස්සතු කාලේන රාජා බවතු දම්මිකෝ " ? 😖

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