Saturday, May 21, 2011

Like The Lemmings, We Too Will Have To Walk To The Sea One Day !

Immediately after celebrating the most auspicious days in the Buddhist calendar, the Bars, Taverns, Meat & 
Betting shops are in full swing again.

Not to mentioned the other vises too.

Who patronizes those joints and indulge in other vises too are mostly are the so-called Sinhala Buddhists in Sri Lanka.

I think they are happy to live a hypocritical life, blaming others for all their failings.

No responsibility, no accountability.

The Enlightened one has told that fools look at the tip of the finger when being shown the Moon.

The amount of money is wasted on Wesak celebrations is sacrilegious.

The modern day investment in the Material or Hospitality offerings (amisa-puja) is thousand folds higher than the Practice offerings (patipatti-puja).

If the masses can be educated to curtailed the investments in Amisa-puja and spend that time, effort and investment on something much more useful like sending at least one needy child to school, college and beyond, the dividend of such investment would soon be felt.

Lack of investments in education means poor nation and the poor can be easily manipulated and/or bought and the majority of the poor will be the Sinhala Buddhist lot.

The clergy, Media and the educated ones have not done enough to re-direct the masses thinking style in the correct path.

Like the Lemmings, we too will have to walk to the sea one day if nothing is done to change our mindset immediately.

Do not wait for someone to come and changed the world for you.

Take responsibility; be accountable for your own deeds and then the world would be a better place to live.