Friday, June 15, 2012

Men Who Care.

This was my response to the below stated Bolg;

I enjoy reading and agree on most stated points.

But if the trend had to be reversed and or to bring down to a very low level, then WOMEN has a very bigger role to play.

Not as you say, conservatively dressing up, as such standards have No University acceptable standards, hence any one can interpret it to his or her own convictions and believes.

I believe dress should act like a barbed-wire fence.

It should be there to do the work it is there to do for but not obstructing the view.

Now let me come to the point, how do Women have a big role to play in this situation.

Mothers take pride in appreciating when her son does something uncalled for or bad protecting him by saying “Boys are Boys” and or “He is my Boy” and worst of all is calling him “Chip of the old bloke”.

How many mothers send their Boy child to kitchen to learn how to pour a cup of Tea or cook a simple meal, darn a torn trouser or a fallen button.

Instead they do it for them and set a very bad precedent and set him mind up that some works are gender based and male are superior.

If mothers can change their mind sets, soon the world will be a much better place.