Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Are We All Naked Here Now ?

I was thinking;
Are we all naked here now?
After what Snowden revealed, I think we are no longer clad any more.
Look, I have nothing to hide but everybody needs a bit of privacy.
To put it in another way, a safe place to kill the devil within us without the glare of rest of the world.
That brought me to think:
Where is this guy anyway?
Still in Russia or already somewhere else
Laughing at those who clamber on the flight, presumably thinking that he would be on it and waiting at the seat 17A.
I think Aeroflot made a killing by some wise gimmick by creating media hype.
That brought me to think again;
Will US be good on its words?
Or will it kneel down again in front of the vast resources of the Russians have at their disposal?