Friday, October 25, 2013

Exemplary Deed

Eshani Danushika was expecting good results in the 2013 Grade 5 scholarship examination.

Even her teachers were expecting her to do well.

But when the results were announced recently, her and her teachers’ hopes were dashed as she fell just a few marks below the qualifying mark for the district.

But a few of her classmates have managed to secure above the qualifying marks.

She was not heartbroken because of her marks but she was happy as some of her friends did well in the examination.

Now come the interesting part of the story.

She broke open her Clay Till next day and bought Gifts (Pens, Books etc) for the friends from that money and gave them to the Class Teacher to be distributed to her friends who were successful in the examination.

That small gesture made everybody stopped and look at the incident.

The school hurriedly organized a Prize Distribution ceremony to honor the successful children.

She is just 10 years and comes from a not so affluence farming family from a flung place called Wiyaluwa in Badulla district.

(I am writing this after reading the article in the Lankadeepa newspaper of 24th Oct 2013, but I am unable to get a link to the original article on their web site. After a few telephone calls, we did manage to speak to this cheerful little girl to let her know that her exemplary gesture was not gone unnoticed and how much we appreciated such good deeds).

May her thrive in future and be able to continue with her voluntary good deeds in future as well.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Short Lived Euphoria of Ostentation.

Every street corner has now been turned into a place of worship by some object worshiping idiots by placing some objects of their fancy.

The Next thing you realize is the blaring noise coming from there day and night disturbing the peace around and polluting with singing, chanting and preaching etc.

Then what follow is more encroachments and useless expenditure on face-lifting decorations.

The whole country is now being turned into a religious frenzy den.

But the euphoria of the ostentation is short-lived when you switch on your Television News Channels.

Robbing, muggings, raping and killings are galore. 

Where have those teaching gone into, I wonder ?