Friday, April 01, 2011

Let’s go Guys (Gals too) and Cheer the Lions

Trying to predict the outcome of the World cup cricket final to be held on Saturday (02nd April 2011) on a day like this (01st April 2011) is not only suicidal but would be inviting unwarranted tags too.
I am no “Paul” who had the uncanny ability to predict the outcome of the football World cup, but I have something which the (Late) Paul did not have in his armoury that the ability to reasoning.
My prediction is that the Indians would walk away with the Cup on Saturday, not because they are any superior to their opponents in any way but the outcome of it has already been decided, not on the field but off of it.
The word “Fixing” gives a very bad taste but if it can be replaced by “Pre-determined”, then it would not taste so bad, I hope.
The extent of the Pre-determination was not only very much evident in the recently concluded Semi-final match in Mohali but in many of the other crucial previous fixtures too.
Just try the fathom and or imagine the plight of the big spenders who have invested in Millions (if not in billions) on endorsements and advertisements in this tournament, if a smaller nation like Sri Lanka or New Zealand walks away with the cup.
Let’s go Guys (Gals too) and Cheer the Lions but do not forget to place your bets on Indians.
Just like the big spenders, we too have to recover, at least our investments.