Saturday, May 14, 2011

Travails of ADSL Connection

Internet Services Providers, from time to time lure new customers to their nets by promising cheaper and faster connections.

I have no qualm of such schemes.

However, I believe that they should pay more attention and care to their existing customers than to their prospective ones.

A person gasping for his last breath on his death bed is not a pretty sight to watch and unfortunately I have seen a couple of them.

 Looking at the twinkling lights of my ADSL router reminds me of them again.

The promise of ADSL was luring enough to subscribe to but now I think it would have been much better off with my previous Dial-up connection, given the exorbitant amount they charge for an extremely poor service.

Sometimes I wonder what the regulating authorities are doing.

My experience is not an isolated one and I am confident that many would greatly appreciate if the concerned governing authority would look into such allegations and take corrective measures soon.

Please charge us for the service that we were promised and subscribed in to and not to something that reminds me of dying men.

We the Home Users do not have the sophisticated measuring equipment to measure the service levels but having seen how it was functioning at the beginning tells me that we do not get what we have been promised yet  still charges for the same amount.

Over to you, the concerned regulatory authority officials (TRA), if you are listening (reading!).