Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Australia's Temporary Ban of Live-stock Exports to Indonesia.

It is ridiculous decision to put a temporary ban on exporting live stocks from Australia to Indonesia after ABC’s airing of the film made at one of the Indonesian abattoirs.

Being a live stock exporting country to many Asian and middle eastern countries for so long that Australia cannot be ignorant of the fact that those animals that are being exported not as Pets but destined to only slaughter houses in those countries.

There is no humane way of taking life of an animal.

Simply it is killing.

A country which has relaxed euthanasia rules must know that those animal unlike humans who flock there to end their lives have no choice either to continue living or die.

If someone thinks yes they have then open the pens and see how they would run for their life. 

Monday, June 06, 2011

This Land Belongs to All of US ( including Jack-Asses and Witch Doctors too ! ).

Knowing that you are a distant relative of one of the greatest teachers ever to tread on this world is an exhilarating experience.

Finding your true lineage, for some is another life-line and they are willing to go any distance searching this kind of life-lines to prolong the inevitable.

It is neither cheap.

Recently I found out that me too is distantly related to one of the Greatest Teachers ever to tread on this World.

It was an accidental discovery.

But for me it did not cost a fortune because I know one “Jack-Ass” who is quite capable of this kind of works.

When the world history is blatantly re-written to pleased a few, the so-called guardians of the land and History professors are so conspicuously silent.

If the guardians decided to take a stand against it, then they will be called something else (identified only by the distinctive colour of their attire and with the word “Rogue” in front) but as long as they are ready and willing to maintain silence, then they will still be able to hold on to their Guardians Angels status.

How fortunate if you can get any ailment cured from someone who is known as the Doctor, though he has no traceable medical training in any of the medical disciplines, yet his clientele includes all the powerful people in the land, sports and other celebrities.

Unlike my good friend Jack-Ass, this whiter than White Doctor does not charge a fortunate for to perform his craft on his patience.

But the problem is getting an appointment to see him.

He cannot be channelled like any other doctor on e-Channel service now available on the Internet.

He can only be channelled on exclusive P-Channelling service only reserved for fortunate few.

Aren’t we fortunate to have such people and most importantly allowing them to perform their crafts without any hindrance?

After all, this land is a Freeland and this land belongs to all of us including Jack-Asses and Witch Doctors too.

How blessed are we?!

Sunday, June 05, 2011

If Political Forums are the Ideal Places to Gauge the Mood and the Thinking Patterns of any Nation!

If political forums are the ideal places to gauge the mood and the thinking patterns of any nation, then Lankaweb forum is an ideal micro specimen of the way many of the Sri Lankans think.

Every time when something new appears, there are many rejoinders but most of them are not even remotely related to the subject matter of the original articles.

Instead of countering or supporting an arguments many jump on to the foray like lice and tried to show off their whipping and divertive skills and inadvertently expose their own inadequateness and nakedness to the whole world.

And if you have nothing to say about the subject matter, it is better to maintain silence then say something most inappropriate and exposes one’s shallowness.

A fool is a Wiseman until he opens his mouth.

Read the link below;


Then you will not wonder why we have stayed as a third world country for this long and also why it would stay many more centuries like that as we are capable of dealing with sensitive issues only this way.