Tuesday, July 12, 2011

One's Birth Right!

The turtles after travelling thousands of miles return to the same beach where they were born to lay their eggs and so do many migrating birds travel half way across the world for the same.

This is everyone’s birth right.

Granting dual citizenships for those who have left our shores for another country is under the spotlight again.

The reason/s as to why the person/s left the country in the first place, the task of proving how the money was acquired while staying in another land and or even having any criminal records against that person in the adopted land should not be hindrance in obtaining one’s birth right.

The onus of finding out whether the money acquired was ill-gotten or not is the responsibility of the authorities of his/her adopted land and spending it legally is the responsibility of the authorities of his/her birth country.

This should apply also to any Sri Lankans by descent born overseas who wishes to obtain dual citizenship in Sri Lanka.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Yanne Koheda Malle Pol ?

Read the link below especially the viewers comments between KingSasanka & Fran Diaz.


If this is all what we are capable of , then no wonder why we have stayed a Third World country this long.

My apologies to non Sinhala speakers (if you are reading) for not getting the right meaning of the Heading.

But I am sure you will understand the meaning once you read the whole postings.

Emperor's New Cloths !

The child who cried out loud in the crowd of the " Emperor's New Cloths " story is the patriot and not those who kept mum despite the obvious.

This posting is for those " Self-proclaimed Patriots " who we see in thousands today, who are nothing but just like the subjects in the story, still keeping mum despite the obvious happening around them.