Thursday, July 21, 2011

Love All, Serve All.

Someone wrote to one of the newspapers to ask;

“Why did Sai Baba never declares his assets for tax?”

Many things that we crave for, amass, fight over and called assets are “No Assets” to Swami.

His only asset was his ardent followers of his very simple message “Love All, Serve All”.

He has touched and uplifted living conditions of over a million of people all over the World.

No fee charging Super speciality hospitals, schools, universities and pipe-borne water scheme are a few of things that have appeared in physical forms as the fruits of his love.

Transformed hearts have apparently No different physical form, from other hearts and it would only be seen in one’s own deeds.

The message “Love All, Serve all” has been translated into many good deeds, taken up voluntarily by many devotees either individually or as groups all over the world and that is what the “Swami’s Asset Declaration” is.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

“Terror must be fought with counter-terror measures”

I agree when someone wrote to one of the newspapers here that “Terror must be fought with counter-terror measures” in relations to the recent bombing in Mumbai.

But at the same time, countries should not be part of protecting and nurturing terrorists and terrorist organizations from other parts of the world in the name of counter-terror measures.

Protect one’s boarders well but do not be part of the exporting terrorism to other parts or one day you will reap; in one form or other; what you have sown.