Friday, July 29, 2011

Future Flying Coffins

Both the air crashes involving Air France aircraft which plunged in to Atlantic Ocean and the Polish aircraft which was carrying the President which was plunged on to the ground are now being partly blamed for pilot errors.

Sadly none survived in both the crashes.

The errors the pilots have alleged to have been made should have been part of their mandatory training and re-training.

If they have been excluded in their training, then the governing bodies of both IATA (International Air Transport Association) and ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) should be held directly responsible for failing to unearth and correct weak and faulty links in the pilots’ training during their audits.

If such exclusions are merely for monetary advantages, and then the operators too should be held responsible for voluntary man-slaughter and breach of contract.

At the moment, the air transportation is the safest mode of transportation but if the corners are cut to save money then who would like to get into a flying coffin in future.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Love All, Serve All.

Someone wrote to one of the newspapers to ask;

“Why did Sai Baba never declares his assets for tax?”

Many things that we crave for, amass, fight over and called assets are “No Assets” to Swami.

His only asset was his ardent followers of his very simple message “Love All, Serve All”.

He has touched and uplifted living conditions of over a million of people all over the World.

No fee charging Super speciality hospitals, schools, universities and pipe-borne water scheme are a few of things that have appeared in physical forms as the fruits of his love.

Transformed hearts have apparently No different physical form, from other hearts and it would only be seen in one’s own deeds.

The message “Love All, Serve all” has been translated into many good deeds, taken up voluntarily by many devotees either individually or as groups all over the world and that is what the “Swami’s Asset Declaration” is.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

“Terror must be fought with counter-terror measures”

I agree when someone wrote to one of the newspapers here that “Terror must be fought with counter-terror measures” in relations to the recent bombing in Mumbai.

But at the same time, countries should not be part of protecting and nurturing terrorists and terrorist organizations from other parts of the world in the name of counter-terror measures.

Protect one’s boarders well but do not be part of the exporting terrorism to other parts or one day you will reap; in one form or other; what you have sown.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

One's Birth Right!

The turtles after travelling thousands of miles return to the same beach where they were born to lay their eggs and so do many migrating birds travel half way across the world for the same.

This is everyone’s birth right.

Granting dual citizenships for those who have left our shores for another country is under the spotlight again.

The reason/s as to why the person/s left the country in the first place, the task of proving how the money was acquired while staying in another land and or even having any criminal records against that person in the adopted land should not be hindrance in obtaining one’s birth right.

The onus of finding out whether the money acquired was ill-gotten or not is the responsibility of the authorities of his/her adopted land and spending it legally is the responsibility of the authorities of his/her birth country.

This should apply also to any Sri Lankans by descent born overseas who wishes to obtain dual citizenship in Sri Lanka.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Yanne Koheda Malle Pol ?

Read the link below especially the viewers comments between KingSasanka & Fran Diaz.

If this is all what we are capable of , then no wonder why we have stayed a Third World country this long.

My apologies to non Sinhala speakers (if you are reading) for not getting the right meaning of the Heading.

But I am sure you will understand the meaning once you read the whole postings.

Emperor's New Cloths !

The child who cried out loud in the crowd of the " Emperor's New Cloths " story is the patriot and not those who kept mum despite the obvious.

This posting is for those " Self-proclaimed Patriots " who we see in thousands today, who are nothing but just like the subjects in the story, still keeping mum despite the obvious happening around them.

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Hypocrisy Kills the Society !

Blowing one’s own trumpet was never being part of my armoury and strongly believes and advocates that vital space and time should not be used to for that purpose and to get one’s own ego fatten more.

Sure prescription for creating a useful society is every individual to follow “Preach only what you are ready to follow and earnestly follow what is being preached” policy.

Hypocrisy kills the society.

Sri Lankan Cricket !

Interesting link and read the viewers postings (especially KingSasanka's) below;

Friday, July 08, 2011

Hang the Messenger and Free the Offenders!

The minister was quick to respond to Sangakkar’s speech and I believe he has all the right to do so.

If Sangakkar is guilty of violating the code of conduct then he should be dealt with appropriate punishments too if found guilty after an impartial and transparent inquiry. 

At the same time minister is obligatory to look in to the allegation made by Sangakkar with the same speed and determination and act on them.

If the former is executed and the latter was swept under the carpet then it is time  to show him the way to the exit too. 

Even the Badminton Association of Sri Lanka is plagued with similar issues today, pointed out by Sangakkar and conspicuous absences of any action to correct the situation by the minister reaffirm my belief that he is not interested. 

My believe is that the Messenger will be hanged and the offenders will be allowed to plunder more. 

As for the issue of importing substandard Petrol and the secretary of the Ministry of Petroleum industries have gone missing and the minister is playing “Baba” parts show the true capabilities of the present administration. 

Once we lost one billion US Dollars in a similar scandal and the culprits are still roaming enjoying the ill-gotten money, while we are paying through our noses.

Finally the Prime Minister’s admission in the Parliament that there are drug mafia politicos among them in the parliament sums up the present state of affairs in the “Fools’ Paradise”.

Jaya Wewa !