Saturday, August 06, 2011

Customer Care or Nightmare !

Do supermarkets teach their checkout staffs not to throw a tub of yogurt down the slop for the bag boy/girl to bag it or how to handle delicate food items at the checkouts?

I wonder so, because I have witnessed and also experienced many a times that they do not know (or perhaps care less) by throwing it down the slop, the curdled yoghurt inside gets cracked up and then it is unpleasant to eat and a big embarrassment if offered to a visitor.

So are Biscuits, cukies, ripened fruits etc too should be handled with care and dropping them on counters and or throwing down the slop can easily cause damages.

Even the bag boys do not have sense to segregate items accordingly to avoid damages and even possible contamination.

Today someone put the frozen food along with other non frozen items and the washing power bag along with edible items.