Saturday, November 26, 2011

Free General Fonseka !

Have a look & you decide what to do;

Religion and Politics.

Someone posted a You Tube link on the Face-book showing a man being whipped in India for converting to Christianity with a disparaging comment suggesting Sri Lanka is no better.

My rejoinder was met with even harsher response.

Here is my response to those disparaging & harsh remarks and I am sure sooner or later they (Poster & those who liked the posting) will get to read this as I have already given the link to the Blog in my response.

I am sure, your forefathers too must have felt like you feel today when the Portuguese destroyed the original Palliyagodella Temple in Moratuwa.

How to go about solving such issues is not to go about spewing insults, hatred, and discord in public domains but discuss them earnestly and openly to educate and broaden the horizons of other lesser mortals.

Asking “Eye for an Eye” has and will never be part of our culture.

Even the Bible says to turn your other cheek.

When we are able to answer fully and correctly, why man needs a religion, then all those falsehoods will fall apart.

We get confused and distressed, when try to think religion too as a political force.

Political forces need numbers to get heard and even elected but to religions, the numbers do not matter.

Whether it is one or million, the essence of any religion (Dhamma or the Universal truth) will be the same.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Let Morgan Go..........!

It is everyone’s undeniable right to have the freedom to live FREE and Morgan is no different.

Those who are living Free live four times longer than the ones’ in captivity is a very well known and another undeniable scientific fact.

Animal are here not to entertain humans.

They too are here for a purpose just like us.

Let Morgan go free.

Open seas are dangerous but free and much better than the safety of any pen. 

Friday, November 18, 2011

අයුත්කියට අත් දෙක ඔසවන්න එපා ( Do not surrender to injustice ) !

ඇතොත් රටට ආදරයක් සිතින් සිපා,
අතත් පයත් ඔළුවත් වෙන වෙනම කපා,
කතත් කමක් නැහැ කැත බිය ගතිය එපා,
අයුත්කියට අත් දෙක ඔසවන්න එපා.

- ඇස් මහින්ද හිමි -