Sunday, December 25, 2011

General Will Be Freed Soon,

The rumours are rife that due to external pressure coming from many powerful sources, the government is going to release the War Hero General Sarath Fonseka in January 2012.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Leave Your Holy Crap For Some Other Times

A Great One and an Ass

A Great one & an Ass left here within a span of 24 hours and now everyone is talking about the Ass and not the Great.

People hate Asses and admire Great ones openly when they are alive.

But the trend is turned around, when it is time to bury them.

Asses are in everyone’s minds & lips and the Greats are forgotten.

What a world we are living in today.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Bonhomie Born-again Bull-shitters

The Triple B Bonanza !

It is said that the most accurate way to predict someone’s future behaviour is his or her past behaviours.

There is a new craze or fashion engulfing the world at large and Sri Lanka is no different is to jump in to Born-again cults.

Those who have engaged in many nefarious activities in the past to earn some dirty money have now become patriots, do-gooders and religious preachers by simply taking on Born-again cloak.

This time will be no different than their chequered past.

Again they are in for the money and money only and not because of their love for the country and or their believes and value systems.

This time these wolfs in sheep’s cloths going to do more harms than what they have already done in the past. 

Beware of those Born-again Bull shitters lurking out and wait for opportunities to pounce on them.

Do not fall for their sugar laced talks and bonhomie behaviour in public. 

This time they would go for the KILL and to wipe out our heritage, value and believes systems.