Monday, March 26, 2012

Loudest Voice Is Not The Voice To Be Always Listening To.

There are two kinds of Patriots in Sri Lanka.

One is the silent kind who really understands the real meaning of patriotism and does everything that is possible in their own small ways to ensure that no harm is done to their beloved country. 

The other kind is the most vocal and most loud kind. 

They show their patriotism only in public but do nothing to keep their country away from harm’s way.
The loud and vocal kind is seasonal like mushrooms. 

They appear like mushrooms after a rain, when something perceived to be harmful to the country only. 

Let me explain this a little more.
Take the recent Geneva meet and the subsequent voting. 

The social networks and blogs were awash with them publicly bullshitting patriotism. 

The vote is over now and none of them are anywhere to be seen again until the next rain. 

The reputation, integrity etc of any country can be harmed in two ways. 

First is an external threat and the second is an internal threat.
External threats can be negated with diplomacy and even with war but the internal one is not. 

It is like a cancer within and even an amputation too sometimes would not bring the desired effects. 

These Patriot Bull-shitters are happy to tolerate the rampant corruption within the country which is throttling any likely positive development in any foreseeable future but are happy to maintain their silence. 

Maintaining silence is endorsing corruptions is my view. 

Instead of bull-shitting in public when an external threat is likely to come, they should put their loud voices to talk about the internal threats too.
Stop bull-shitting in public and please do your bits to save the country. 

Do not expect some outsider to come and clean the mess that we created ourselves up. 

Loudest voice is not the voice to be always listening to.