Friday, September 20, 2013

Bank Without Heart .... !

I have a NRFC account (No: 995902459XXXXX @ Kottawa Branch).
Due to some urgent financial requirement, my wife (
Mrs. Silva) was trying to withdraw money this morning (18 Sep 13) but was refused that facility despite, 
Sshe was presenting a proper legal documents to prove her Identity as well as her authorization to execute such transaction in my absence.
Therefore, First I wish to know on what grounds that she was denied the withdraw.
Secondly when and how could I clear this obstacle as I am urgently in need for money.
Awaiting a favourable and speedy response.
Sasanka De Silva.


Dear sir,
We are unable to process your above request due to following reasons.

power of attorney should be issued within one year,

power of attorney not introduced by account holder,

should be a specific power of attorney stating required accounts.

In the alternative we suggest the following,

please send a request to transfer money from nrfc account to any other specified account
stating account numbers and names with your signature.
Please also attach a copy of your nic/passport .

suraj jayaratne
assistant manager-kottawa branch


Dear Mr. Jayaratne,
That was a legal document without expiry covering all matters and accepted anywhere in Sri Lankan except at your Bank and that was a disappointment.
I may have very limited funds in my account but I have a larger circle of friends and I am sure I will share my bitter experience with them soon.
This was not the first occasion Kottawa branch disappointed me and soon I will decide what to do with our accounts held with you.
Once again it was a big disappointment and I thought I was dealing with a 21st Century bank and not with a medieval one.
Sasanka De Silva.


Now you be the judge of their claim of being the Bank with Heart.
I say Bull shit.