Saturday, February 15, 2014

Need Peace & Quiteness More.

My first ever overseas trip was made a couple of decades ago and during that trip I visited a friend of mine in Paris, who was staying just a stone’s throw away from the famous "Arch of the Triumph".

As I entered the building he was staying, something posted at the entrance caught my attention, though my French was no better then, than now.


When I asked why such conditions, my friend explained that many staying in that building were professionals who, after busy day at work did not like to be distracted during their private times.

It was little confusing for me to grapple this idea and get some sense out of this novel arrangement.

Later, I came to know that it was not a novel idea only found in France but something many eagerly have embraced all throughout the Europe and in North America then.

The whole building was surprisingly quiet and ideal retreat for meditating monks even, I thought then.

After spending a few years in the accommodation provided by the company, I moved out to find a place of my choice.

And I was lucky to get something similar to what I had in mind and up until recently I was enjoying my stay in the flat.

Unfortunately, a few months back some families with kids moved in to the building and ever since than, the quiet building was turned in to a hell hole by the kids who do all their activities either in the hallway or on the stairs than in their own houses.

I have seen the destructive powers of misguided youth but hitherto have not seen such destructive powers of kids who have just started schooling.

As for their parents, they are too busy trying to making more and more money and no time left to invest on their own kids and the building owner needs the rent at the end of each month only.

Now I am thinking how wonderful it would be, if we too can have the same sort of arrangements that I have witnessed a couple of decades ago in Paris, somewhere in Oman as well for two reasons.

The number one and the most important thing is, I prefer quietness more than anything else and the second is because I do not want the additional responsibility of disciplining neighbour’s kids.

That primal responsibility of disciplining kids should be with the parents.

I sincerely hope that some building owners who are reading this would seriously consider bringing such changes soon in Oman as well.

Simple economic says that if there is a Demand, there is a Market too.

All we need is a quiet place to come back to after a very demanding and sometimes stressful day’s work and many like me, I am sure will be willing to pay a premium price to have such a luxury.

Over to you building owners, if you are listening!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Why India afraid of Sri Lankans ?

I was flabbergasted to read following when I accidentally came across following headlines in one of the local newspapers recently.
  1. .     With tourists in mind, India relaxes visa norms,
  2.        Protest after Manipur girl is raped in Delhi,
  3.       Court orders arrest of ex-health minister in sexual assault case,
  4. .     Kejriwal to “go to any extent” for Lokpal bill,
  5.       Devyani seeks dismissal of visa fraud case in US court.
Needless to say,as a Sri Lankan, I was aghast to learn that we are not so welcomed in India as we are not included from the list of 180 countries that have been granted relaxed visa facility.

I am equally amazed as to why are they (Indians) so afraid of Sri Lankans, 
  1. where women are being raped in broad day light in their capital city; 
  2. fraudsters are being given diplomatic immunity to carry on with their nefarious activities etc etc are daily occurrence in that land.  
Given their track records, I believe that Sri Lanka should be the one to be on the defensive, not the Indians.