Tuesday, September 23, 2014

To Sir with Love ( My version ).

Many years ago, a few senior boys and thugs stormed into the school during interval and beat up a classmate.

We did not say nor do anything, but watched in shock as we did not know what to do.

Chemistry was the period immediately after interval and as the master entered the class, we knew that he was not in a mood to teach.

He was silent for some time and we waited for him to say something.

Then he asked all of us a very simple question.

‘What kind of young men are you, watching your fellow student being beaten up by thugs in the school premises and doing nothing?’

There was no chemistry lesson that afternoon and some enjoyed the break but a few started pondering seriously.

Having enjoyed success the previous day, the seniors and thugs revisited during interval with the idea of bashing the poor fellow up a little more.

What happened thereafter is well known in the school history and that was the last time we had thugs visiting school or seniors flexing their muscles.

The chemistry master came to class grinning from ear to ear after interval that day.

Recently, we had an old teachers’ felicitation ceremony and sadly he could not be invited--for obvious reasons.

The value of unity and standing up against injustice were two lessons we learned from that great chemistry master.

(May our old chemistry master attain supreme bliss of Nirvana).

Monday, September 15, 2014

What have they been trying to stifle for centuries?

What hopes can we have
What inspirations can we get
From the message and belief,
If innocent aid workers
And journalists
Are being killed in cold blood
To protect the message?
What are they so afraid of now?
And what have they been trying to stifle for centuries?
Freedom of expression
Or the desire of living beings
To have something better
Than their prevailing conditions.
I count my blessings today
Because I was born a Buddhist
And exposed early to Buddha’s teaching,
Especially the Kalama Sutra.

Kalama Sutra set me free
And it can set anyone free.