Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Above and Beyond the Law

We all want to believe that none should be above the law.

This is good only on paper and some are always above and beyond the reach of the law.

Some rulers get away with even murder and not even get a knock on their wrist for their crimes.

But unfortunate others end up in more troubles than one could imagine.

There are two things that we can do in this situation.

Because believing in that law is impartial and has the power to reach at anyone is just another fallacy only.

The best thing is to stay out of troubles, if you have no way of joining the elite club of those are above and beyond the reach of the law.

Question of Allegiance.

Now the World Cup Cricket 2015 has entered its Super 8 stage and all four Test playing Asian teams are in the Super 8 stage.

The fans and money is in the Asian region and I am sure it will be a big boost for broadcasters.

Seeing thousands of fans clad in their favorite team’s attire swarming into ground, I could not help asking aloud the above question.

Most of them are either first or second generation Aussies, but clad in their former place of domicile (or of their parents') team's attire and supporting the team (when it is pitted against their present host country) is not amounting to breach of their pledged allegiance?