Monday, September 21, 2015

Not To Give You Sleepless Nights

I see the right words right in front of me

But unable to grab them with my tongue lately

Sign of old age or something more sinister

I am clueless, but prefer the former.

Rearing kids to face the future

The prime duty of a parent

This does not mean giving you sleepless nights

But to prepare you

As I had been in the past.

My speech may no longer be coherent

This does not mean the thoughts are in the same league

I can still run, toggle, fast forward and rewind memories

And enjoy every moment of it

Despite my apparently impassive looks.

I am not a prisoner stuck in an old body

I am still a happy bird free to roam the world

Taste the food that I once loved

Read a book and enjoy watching kids play

But these are now done in my mind only.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Unmasking ?

In everyone’s life, it is said that each one will get Three (03) Teachers, Three (03) Friends, Three (03) Enemies and Three (03) Lovers.

Unfortunately, they all are disguised and to know which is which with certainty , one has to learn from, trust, fight and love them equally, one time or the other.

At the end, you would be able to unmask all.

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

What was It running away from then ?

Life crawls to dry land

Once, million years ago

Was it to seek refuge or better life?

What was it running away from then?

War of some sort or degradation

Answers we would never know.

Life crawling back in to sea again

Millions years later

This time around

We know what it is running away from

The meaningless wars

Humiliations and degradations.

Living is going through circles

And have we come to the point

Where it all started

Once, million years ago.

King Sasanka.

@ September 2015