Monday, September 21, 2015

Not To Give You Sleepless Nights

I see the right words right in front of me

But unable to grab them with my tongue lately

Sign of old age or something more sinister

I am clueless, but prefer the former.

Rearing kids to face the future

The prime duty of a parent

This does not mean giving you sleepless nights

But to prepare you

As I had been in the past.

My speech may no longer be coherent

This does not mean the thoughts are in the same league

I can still run, toggle, fast forward and rewind memories

And enjoy every moment of it

Despite my apparently impassive looks.

I am not a prisoner stuck in an old body

I am still a happy bird free to roam the world

Taste the food that I once loved

Read a book and enjoy watching kids play

But these are now done in my mind only.