Friday, January 08, 2016

Speaking My Mind Aloud !

Speak my mind aloud in Social media sites is something I do often.

I am not a fool to believe, after reading such brash and sometimes controversial looking comments that that I post, there will be a drastic in the readers mind.

Some respond with their views.

More responses received will help me to be more accommodative.

That is what I expect.

Some posts go viral and many others go unnoticed.

Speaking my mind aloud is to broaden my thinking.

Not to change the way others think.

How one thinks can only be changed by oneself alone.

Others can be part of the self improvement process but nothing will come about unless YOU decided to take the first step.

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Adding Three New Phrases to the Sinhala Language.

Year 2015 ended not with much to celebrate.

Only good thing it had was adding three new phrases to the Sinhala language.

කලු තඩියගේ බජට් එක වගේ

(To describe starting something with so much promise but ending up with nothing but Zero outcome).

සිරිසෙනයි බෙරෙසියර් එකයි වගේ

(To describe a situation when there are thousands of other burning and pressing issues there to talk about, paying undue attention to something others can’t see in their Naked eyes).

බුලතාගේ කෙල්ල වගේ

(To describe a Itchy bitchy daughter of a very (so-called) strict disciplinarian).