Thursday, June 16, 2016

Neck-ties off from school uniforms

We are situated in the tropics and with it, hot and humid weather is an integral part, thanks to the location. 

Recently I have been driving around the country and to some pretty remote locations too. 

During those drives around the country, I have seen school children ambling to schools, mostly in white uniforms. 

Another significant thing was that the necktie was part of the uniform of most of the girls' schools even located at those very remote locations. 

What purpose does it serve; I could not help asking myself ? 

One time we were under the British rule and I am sure this necktie being a part of the school uniform must have been picked up from their boarding school uniforms then. 

But I do not think that the British schools have such strict uniform decorum in the present day. 

So then, why do we blindly still follow ? 

Taking neck ties off from school uniforms (mostly girls) is something overdue. 

Further, it is time to think about changing the colour of uniforms as well. 

Should we go for a darker colour ?