Wednesday, December 21, 2016

And Then We Want The World To Be A Better Place

We all take our kids on our marketing trips.

Put them on a trolley cart and act as we are on a race track.

Hit an old lady from behind in the aisle, then whisk pass cursing her and without even an apology.

Stop near the “ Fruits and Nuts “ section and throw a few of them in your mouth before stuffing a few more in his / her mouth.

Sure enough the toddler can’t read the notice posted there.

“ Eating is not allowed ”

But he / she was just happy for the freebies, Papa / Mama has stuffed in his / her mouth.

One day we go to see his / her choir practice session and find him / her standing inconspicuous in the very last row.

What happened?

We ask him / her while heading home.

Teacher says I am too tall to be in the first row.

Next day the child is send off to practice with a few cookie jars in a nice reusable bag that we have brought in on our last overseas holiday.

“ Don’t forget to give it only to the teacher’s hand ”.

Pick up time in the evening and when you reached there, the training session is still on.

Amazingly, our tall kid has now found place in the front row suddenly.

Heading home, he / she was jabbering happily.

Teacher asked from where we got those.


Wow !

Now the kid got a reserved place in the front from there on.

Oh ! what a few foreign cookies can do someone's self esteem  ?

Then comes the time for proper schooling.

We prepare our kids for the most dreaded school admission interview.

So a mock interview was set up at home.

Pretending you are the Principle of the school we ask “Where do you stay” ?

The kid is happy to say the only and truthful answer he / she ever know.

But we are happy to interrupt and say “Oh no ! don’t say that”

“ Say you are from Thimbirigasyaya ”

The kid protests with a pleading eyes “ But I don’t know where is that place ”, " We are from Moratuwa ".

We say “ Don’t worry about it, it is all taken care already and just say Thimbirigasyaya only ".

He nods but utterly confused.

He / she goes to play sports and one day we find him / her sitting on the bench watching others practice.

Now we know the answer to that dilemma.

Next practice session he / she goes with a much heavier bag.

And on the matches’ day you will see someone else’s kid is on the bench, watching haplessly.

The we go home and cerebrate.