Sunday, January 01, 2017

Let's Put Those Sleeping Giants to Work in 2018

Can’t we celebrate the New Year without indulging in setting fire to our very own and hard earned money?

Counting down and then lighting up enormous amounts of money on fire for a few seconds of euphoric fix is a foolish thing.

Partly the media are responsible for people indulge in this kind of irresponsible behaviour.

Ads make sense money-wise and so they want their coffers to be full.

This is where the religious established can play a major role in educating people and also in encouraging them to channel their money and energy for a useful purpose.

Temple and church bells were established to communicate and interact with the masses during good and bad times in yester years.

Let’s put those sleeping giants to good use now instead of letting fools setting fire to money.

Compare the pealing of thousands and more bells to sounds of firecrackers and which one sounds better and more appealing.

Let’s see who will take the lead role now.

Temple, Church, Kovil or Musjeed.

Or all of them as one in 2018.