Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Why have they been dubbed as Battles (සංග්‍රාම​) ?

We are slowly in the Big Match Fever time.

And most of those encounters are dubbed as “Battle of the Golds”, battle of many others colours, Blues, Maroons, Greens etc to name a few.

Why have they  been dubbed as Battles (සංග්‍රාම​) ?

Is it because that after all these events, it is there a very possibility of breaking out flights between two opponents and sometimes ending up in fatalities too?

I think it is time to think differently.

Getting out of this Slave mentality will be the first step towards true development.

Let’s not call them battles anymore.

Think of some other words to describe them.

Those meetings I believe should be used to renew old ties, meet new friends, breaking walls and making new bridges, but surely not for bloodletting after all.

So, what should we call them ?