Sunday, June 25, 2017

Garbage Segregation & Political Representation

Most of us know how we should manage our household garbage.

But when it comes to put them in to action, all what we do is to put everything in a one big plastic bag and throw it out of the car window in a secluded stretch of a road.

Later we bark at authorities for failing to clean up the mess.

Why can't we segregate plastic, tins, bottles, and cardboards, biodegradable stuffs etc at home itself?

It will take extra few minutes of our time in segregation but the benefits are far better at the end.

Better disposal of garbage will ultimately bring immense social benefits.

Plastics, tins, bottles etc have reusable value and by giving them to scavengers making house call from time to time can generate a small income too.

Same goes with; when it comes to selecting people to represent us.

Social media today is awash with so many suggestions.

Many are to bar anyone from entering politics and seeking representation; unless one has a minimum level of educational qualification.

Some suggest a university degree and some say O/L.

Having a degree of some sort and or O/L alone is not a good yardstick to measure someone's capability.

Looking back, seven decades of representation history in the country will not give us any clue to pin our hopes on.

Those who were with very flamboyant foreign and locally obtained educational qualifications had done equal or more harm with those who have had bare minimum level of exposure to quality education.

If the level of exposure to qualification is not a reliable yardstick, then what should be alternative measure?

Past behaviour is a very good indicator of what to come in future.

Ask hard questions.

How did that person come to this social standing?

What were his / her past contributions to the society in general?

Never be afraid of thinking aloud.

Social Media today is a very powerful tool.

Therefore; the responsibility of who should be sent and who should not be sent is only with us.

There is no point crying foul later after selecting an Ass to represent us in the first place.

Make the right choice now.