Monday, July 10, 2017

Every Other Person in Sri Lanka a Patriot Now !

Just before the Indian independence, the Colonial masters held Gandhiji behind bars for his non-violent freedom seeking activities.

So were many other Indians found guilty of defecating along the railway lines.

When he was finally released from the captivity along the others who were also held there, because of defecating charges (due to over-crowding situation), they were the first people to rush out from their cells, shouting Freedom slogans.

There was a time in Sri Lanka not so long ago that the Armed forces were having a very tough time recruiting new carders to supplement their drive and the government was mulling the idea of conscription to solve the issue.

The forces have to go to far flung villages in abject poverty to get young boys and girls to join them. 

They joined not because for their love for the country but to feed their families as no other vocation was available to them in those villages which are blighted with No schools, hospitals, roads, electricity and irrigational infrastructure to toil on the land even. 

Now, to add insult to injury they are forced to sell Fish, Vegetable and coconuts in their decorated uniforms on roadsides, thanks to our myopic economic policies, mismanagement and rampant corruption.

Now every other person in Sri Lanka is a patriot but where were they when the country wanted their participation most.

Those who were hiding under beds, like the ones who were held for defecating charges were the ones who are making the biggest noise now.

Where were you then Guy & Gals who are trumpeting on mass media now ?

(Fairly old write up, appeared elsewhere being dusted up again). 😰😰

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